January 26, 2011

My favorite dessert

Those of us who are blessed to be Italian are likely to have had an Italian grandmother who made yummy food.  Every Christmas my Sicilian grandma would make cannoli and they were THE BEST cannoli ever.  In fact, I even have her small, wooden cannoli shell shapers.  Of course I've never made my own cannoli shells, but I COULD if I were so inclined.  Really, I could.

But I haven't. Sigh.  I mean, I've made my own filling, but I am daunted by the prospect of making a cannoli shell.  Hmmm.  I might have some foodaphobia here.

I bought some of these luscious yummies on the Hill (the Italian part of St. Louis) last year and they were downright gross. Oh! I was so disappointed! And they were TWO DOLLARS APIECE!!!  Ack!

So, my next adventure is going to include this gal who might help me.  Stay tuned.  And while you're at it, drool over this:

My sister loves cannoli as much as I do.
I think she's in the background trying to eat all of them, or just trying to ruin my photo.

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  1. I love cannoli, and I don't have a stitch of Italian in me that I know of. I'd be excited about trying to make my own shells, but have put the shell shapers on my wish list of food gadgets. Sounds like fun!