January 28, 2011

Compton Hill Reservoir Park Water Tower

There is a beautiful water tower located in Reservoir Park on Grand Blvd. in St. Louis.  It is actually a standpipe to relieve water pressure with a beautiful tower built around it.  It was constructed in 1898 and if you'd like to hear more about the history of this gorgeous monument, go here and poke around a bit!  You can climb the stairs to the top where there is an observation room.  I did this when 7 months pregnant once.  I don't recommend that.

My daughter took some photos a few months ago and you just might recognize something in the background of one of these photos!  I promise that ALL photos are property of MotherCrab, not another St. Louis photographer.

Compton Hill Reservoir Park Water Tower

Interior view down the spiral staircase
View looking southeast!
The Anheuser Busch brewery is on the left of the photo.
Largest church dedicated solely to the Extraordinary Form in the entire universe is in the center.

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