January 1, 2011

Midnight Mass

Midnight Mass is always a wonder to behold.  Last year I had the privilege of singing in the choir.  This year I was even more privileged to be the children's choir mom.  That meant I got to stand up in the choir loft behind 15 orchestra members, about 20 adult choir members and 17 children.  I also took photographs during mass because I wasn't quite distracted enough by the kids asking to go to the bathroom and their singing -- so I thought I would spice it up a little.
Center aisle of St. Francis de Sales Oratory

Canon Huberfeld delivering his sermon.
 I don't think that person is sleeping in the choir stall...

Awesome view.

Our beautiful creche.
The baby Jesus is uncovered at a certain moment during Mass.
However, I am uncertain of that certain moment.
See photo above this one for explanation.

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