January 31, 2011

Guess who's home?

Let us recap all that he missed:

The candidates are lost without their favorite Abbe.

Mrs. C filled in for Abbe's catechism class and was a big hit!

JJR grabs a handful of appetizers...again...

The Timman drops makes cajun pork for friends.

"We've got these innovative ideas for better mass attendance."
Is it February 2nd yet???

What do you think of the basement renovation?
The Packs signed a new quarterback!


  1. Ah, Cajun Pork. Did you like it?

    Love the Feb 2 reference, too. You are channeling Sharon.

    (verification word: mantine)

  2. "Unsocialized home schoolers?" I was merely testing them as to how well they paid attention to their superiors!

  3. Seriously, my tree was not only a fire hazard, but the kids were getting injured from the dropping needles! The tree was ceremoniously dumped on the side of the front porch. It is now covered in 3 inches of ice.

  4. By the way, Anon, the kids enjoyed your class!