November 21, 2011

The Oblates of The Institute of Christ the King

There is a wonderful new video highlighting the Oblates of The Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest!

I recognize a few AWESOME people in here!

November 18, 2011

Rare footage!

It had been 2 months since this person (creature?) had been spotted at St. Francis de Sales, but I was able to capture this rare footage with my lightning-fast camera skills.

Bigfoot? Loch Ness Monster?

I wonder how long it will take for us to catch a glimpse of this collared creature again!

November 14, 2011

The Civil Life

A friend of ours opened a new microbrewery in St. Louis called The Civil Life.  We visited it a bit ago and were impressed with how he transformed a warehouse into a lovely pub and brewery!

Now THAT'S a lot of beer. (The cow's out back, I think)
The view from the upper level.
The view down into the bar area.
Upstairs. This looks like a good place for a party.
Little cubby areas.  The wood is exquisite here.
The growler you can bring home. This is their brown ale and it is delish.

November 10, 2011

Having one of those days?

Do you and your house ever look like this?

I haven't decided which one is Mother Crab.

November 6, 2011

Where in the world is Mother Crab?

Guess where I am!

Hint #1 - Neiman Marcus' flagship store is here.
Hint #2 - Everyone, lately, in my circle, wants to send his child to college here.

The weekend I have had has been absolutely outstanding. Details will follow when I get back home!