January 29, 2011

My cool grandfather

My maternal grandparents are still alive, which is no surprise to me since my grandmother's parents died just 16 years ago!  My grandmother has a LOT of photographs which were scattered all over the house.  One week I went over there and went through EVERY photo, dividing them into boxes for her 5 kids (15 grandkids and 17 great-grandkids, which is weird since I have 24 children myself).  Wow, what a task!  But, it was well worth it because I came across this gem:

Grandfather looking awesome.
That is my grandfather, sometime in the 50's, I think. He's having his morning smoke and coffee from the good china in his snazzy jammies.

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  1. Dear Mother Crab,
    Enjoy your blog, honey.
    This picture is great.