May 1, 2011

Divine Mercy Sunday and May Crowning

Happy Quasi Modo Sunday to you!

We had our beautiful May Crowning today as well.  Canon H did quite well on the ladder.
No tripping, no teetering, excellent crowning.  No drama like 2 years ago...

Canon H crowning Mary.

But wait!  There's always more!  We also had a surprise birthday party for our 2 priests and Abbe.

I love surprise parties! Keep 'em coming!
Wait? A surprise for ME too???
Canon H with his cannon cake.  Get it?  Canon?  Cannon?

Did you notice the handiwork on the above cake?  Does it remind you of this at all?

Sniff, sniff.  Did somebody say sausage?
Testing out the new wheels.
We may need a new and unbroken Abbe soon.
Skater Trip A

Just another regular Sunday...

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