May 8, 2011

First Holy Communion and Mother's Day

What is the greatest gift a mother could get on Mother's Day?  Diamonds, of course! But, a close second (I kid, I kid) is for a child to receive his First Holy Communion.  And there is no better place to receive one's First Holy Communion than here:

Luckily Canon told the children which parts they were supposed to listen to.


Receiving  First Holy Communion

Believe it or not, no veils caught on fire and no boys set fire to the church.

I had to share the blue cassocks again because
I LOVE them.
Enrollment in the Brown Scapular.

Getting ready to be photographed as a group.
That lady up there is amazing as she is the one who gets this all together every year.
She also tells great jokes.

The Canons and Abbe about to hand out the gifts (which were lovely, by the way).

What goes better with a Lego Batman t-shirt than a brand new crucifix???

I hope you had a blessed Mother's Day as well.


  1. Ha! That last photo reminds me of my oldest on his First Holy Communion day. I had him in a crisp white suit for the occasion. After Mass at the reception if you looked close (without his jacket covering) you could see through his pants.... his Spiderman underwear. ;)

  2. Dear MC,

    My, those were large scapulars that Canon was presenting to each of the children--I am certain that they must be virtually indestructible! First Communion was another beautiful day in the Land of de Sales. Thank you for the very kind compliment.