May 23, 2011

Tree Pruning 101

Today a huge gust of wind went through my neighborhood, broke a huge branch off of my maple tree, broke 5 rungs of my upper deck and then...

went THROUGH the glass of my little side table which matches my large deck table.  Unfortunately, my sweet potato vines and the coelius which were waiting to be transplanted were on that little table.

A smaller branch fell into the chicken coop on one of the dumb poor chickens.  I'm sure it was on Bertha, so I don't feel too bad about that.  She is MEAN.

This looks like a job for Dad.

Don't mind the large sticks in your yard, ladies.
Again, this looks like a job for Dad.

Glass and dirt everywhere!

This actually looks like it would have killed someone!
My poor table! My poor plants!


  1. We had a rather large tree branch fall across our street, just up the block from our house. I had to turn my maxivan around midway down the block and find a different way to get home. Some of my (nosy) children went to investigate and saw that it had fallen on the back end of a neighbor's car, completely taking out the back window.

    I'm glad no one was hurt at your house!

  2. Hummmmm . . . . Looks like you are a true friend of Mrs. H!!!

    Those tomato plants don't seem to be faring too well.