May 31, 2011

Sick of being sick!

I have been sick for a good 10 days and when I'm not delirious with fever I'm bored
because I'm so wiped out.  Please pray that my children (and hubby!) have the
stamina to continue in my task-master role until I am better.

Meanwhile, here's your challenge:

I want you to give me a laugh with a funny caption!

PHOTO 1 (identity concealed by clever strip over the eyes)



Please leave a comment and I will publish it as soon as possible!

The goal here is laughter!!!


  1. I only can come up w/ a comment on photo 2...

    6 kids...ummmm...which is the smart car?

  2. So sorry you're feeling icky, and for so long, MamaCrab!

    Well, far from being medicinally beneficial, this post's main purpose is such that I can be notified when your comedic friends' posts start rolling in (rather than ramp up your hit count..ha!) No, it was said of me ages ago by my oldest brother who I love dearly that, "she gets off a good one about once a year and then it's a doozy", or something to that effect. I quite agree with him. And, since I got a pretty good one in, oh, about mid-February, I think I'll not press my luck on these photos. ;)

    I do hope you get you're feeling spunky again soon!! Prayers!

  3. OK, here's my (rather lame-o) attempt at humor so that others who are actually funny can feel better about their suggestions:

    Photo 1: "And will you PLEASE stop saying, 'Play it again, Sam.'?"

    Photo 2: "Ha, ha. My carbon footprint is bigger than yours!"

    Photo 3: Dierberg's fried chicken looks pretty good to me right about now.

    BTW, last night I had the same experience as Photo #2, except I didn't have the smart idea to take a photo. A Smartcar looks even funnier next to a huge, white maxivan.

    Feel better soon.

  4. Photo #1
    "How am I supposed to play this thing? I can't even see!"
    Photo #2
    "I hold people, what's your superpower?"
    Photo #3
    Sorry, I'm stumped on this one.


  5. Photo #1

    Sing us a song, Mr. Robotkins man. Sing us a song tonight. We're all in a mood for a melody and you've got us feeling alright.

  6. Photo #1

    This fine piano man is singing Mother Crab's Beer Cow song!

    I wonder if that will be taught at camp?

  7. No use crying over spilled pork.

  8. No need for caption comments for me. A good laugh for you at my expense would be an attempted conversation in French :)