May 28, 2011

Worst Birthday Week Ever

Do you ever have the feeling you are having the Worst Birthday Week Ever?  Remember that fever I told you about?  Well, things got a little worse so I decided to take a mini-vacation at the hospital.  I'm back home, but still not great.  Prayers, of course, are always appreciated. - as are funny emails and comments.

Laughter is always the best medicine.


This may or may not have been a vodka drip.

Raise up for super uncomfortable, lower for semi-uncomfortable.

They put this sign up in 1983.   Time for some new lettering, people!

Mrs. D and the kiddos gave me lovely gifts.

This is *almost* Institute Blue Jell-o.
It's amazing what one will eat after having NOT eaten for 24 hours!


  1. What happened?! Hope you're okay. I still haven't prayed my daily rosary, so I'll include your speedy recovery in my intentions. God bless, and if I think of anything you might find humorous I'll be sure to send it your way, unfortunately for you, I'm quite dull. :)

  2. :( Hope you start feeling better soon! But I must say, suffering makes for some of the funniest jokes ever.


  3. Mrs. P, you underestimate yourself! :)

    Ashley, I'm still not great... :(