February 16, 2011

73 degrees here today! Time to grill!

With apologies to my non-meat eating friends (and I can only think of 2 - one is in Germany (rhymes with Main Heart) and the other in Brazil), I present to you what happens when I get a hankerin' for some steak on the grill and put a call in to my hubby.

JJR hearts beer.

Is this too rare?
The wildest thing is that my back yard is still covered with ice!  What a wild winter!


  1. PMKD has two notes here:

    1.). PMKD's grill know no season and
    2.). JJR cannot pour a beer that well to save his life! :)

    PMKD (AMA Peklet Mom's Kid's Dad)

  2. Hey! You didn't go and grill up that beer producing cow did you?
    Doesn't seem right to me!

  3. PMKD,
    Please note the shape of the beer glass. An artisan can only work with the tools provided, and a misshapen beer mug will cramp the style of even the best beer pourers.


  4. Just FYI, I concur with PMKD.... and JJR like 312

  5. Let me be clear, I would never, ever, EVER grill up a beer-producing cow. Ever!

    What you saw up there was a cow-producing beer. Totally different.

  6. Sorry, I have to side with the Pecklets. That glass was adequate for a good pour. It was err on the side of the server.

    On to more important topics like the beer/cow and cow/beer deal.

    I have never been to India before but you may be on to the REAL reason they don't eat their cows.

    Anybody up for a trip?

  7. Thanks Anonymous, I was starting to get a complex about our beer mugs.

  8. For some strange reason I can't seem to let this post go!

    I know what you need to say the next time you feel like grilling and drinking.
    I won't tell you where I was when this stroke of genius hit and no I was not drinking..

    "It's steer n' beer dear!".