February 6, 2011


When we moved into our house the kitchen had already been redone.  The backsplash is white tile with the occasional macaroni.  Yes, I said Macaroni.  They are depictions of, for lack of a better word, fancy people from a time gone by.  I will highlight these from time to time so you can see how much they must have been on sale.

Our first is, appropriately enough, "The Original Macaroni."  He is named "Tom Fool the First" which leads me to believe there were more.  His place of prominence is above our stove with a few others who are randomly placed.

Did he stick a feather in his cap?
So, for 12 years I have wondered about these tiles.  Any idea what that guy is? What he's doing? What he's holding??? Why he is on my kitchen wall???


  1. My daughter figured it out: "Stuck a feather in his cap and called it macaroni"... Yankee Doodle! As for why he's on your wall? No idea! ;-)

  2. Congrats to your daughter! This macaroni was an easier one. Wait until you see the rest of them. They get weirder and weirder.