February 8, 2011

Your kids' curriculum

There are lots of discussions in the blogowebs these days (well, at least in the small circles I am in...) about the pros and cons of various homeschool curricula and their so-called goals. So, for the three readers I have, would you mind posting what your goal is in your children's education and how you achieve this?

If I get no answers, no worries.  We'll be eating pancakes. 

At our house we do the "Mickey Mouse shaped pancake" curriculum.


  1. Dear C Mom,
    Since I do not yet have a plethora of children to educate, I cannot quite say what sort of curriculum I would use. However, recent studies have proven that strict discipline (with the casual threat of pain) is a great motivator: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y6GxIuljT3w&feature=fvwrel :-)

    What do you think?


  2. Goal for my children's education?
    To teach them how to get to Heaven.

    How do I achieve this goal?
    Living the life God wills for us.

    It's all in there with their ABC's and their 123's. ;-)

  3. Oops! I just realized I'm not one of your three readers. Never mind! ;-)

  4. Lady M, get thyself back not to thy kitchen.

  5. We use a Classical curriculum here. The goal to a) get them to heaven and b)teach them how to think logically. We focus on Religion, Latin, History, and Math right now in 4th grade. In a couple of years they will be adding Logic.

  6. Oh, and we eat lots of pancakes too!