February 19, 2011


Urban Dictionary (I don't recommend going there) defines beer cow as:
A technique used primarily in convenience stores where a person imitates a cow at the cash register when they don't have enough cash to pay for what they're buying.

I've never done this, surprisingly, but I'm assuming one person would be doing this to distract the cashier while the other leaves with the beer.  Or, the cashier would just think it was sooooooooo funny he would just give the beer to those hilarious drunks. 

Perhaps Timman (or the younger and not quite as famous TimBro) can do a test run of the latter part of this technique.  Ha ha.  Hoo hoo.  Hee.


  1. Oh great Mrs. Crab. I felt so sorry for you that "The Timman" stole all of your beer cow bloggers. So, I have combined 2 of your posts together to get your fellow bloggers back. I thought of the tiles in your kitchen (the macaroni men) and decided to write "Ode to the Beer Cow." It is set to the tune of "Yankee Doodle Dandy."

    "Ode to the Beer Cow" (Tune of Yankee Doodle)

    Mother Crab owns a beer cow,
    wonder if that's legal?
    She keeps it in her little house
    And treats it like it's regal.

    Keep a milkin' Mrs. Crab
    Keep your beer cow handy
    Share with us a now and then
    And we'll still think you're dandy!

    I now invite Mother Crab's other bloggers to add more verses!

  2. That is the most beautiful beer cow song I have ever received! Sniff!

  3. Mother Crab, if you must change the work of a great composer's work please keep the rhythm!

    So the first line must be revised once more to add the beat you dropped!

    Take your pick here:

    Crabbie Mama owns a beer cow. . . Or
    Mother Crab she owns a beer cow. . Or
    Something of the sort.

    Next time visit your beer cow for further jingle assistance!