March 28, 2011

Am I Blue? Well, yes and no.

March 26th - Snowpacalypse

The tower sure looks like it's leaning even MORE from the snow!

Canon Stein preparing for his sermon entitled,
"Greed is bad. Give me all your money."

Welcome to the Arctic Tundra, Msgr. Wach!

MARCH 27th - Solemn High Mass

Sunday morning and the snow was awesome!

The procession into church.
"But where are all of those blue cassocks?" you ask.

Here they are!!!

Abbe Awesome Alex, Canon Stein, Msgr. Wach and Canon Huberfeld.

Before the Gospel.

Just before the consecration

Canon Wiener at the St. Joseph altar.



Msgr. Wach, entering the hall to applause.

Msgr. Wach's French is so good that Canon Huberfeld had to translate for us!

Canon Stein visiting with the faithful.
Don't mind the guy hiding in the back.

Canon Stein presenting his missionary work in Gabon, Africa.
The Institute's FIRST apostolate was in Gabon.

The day was just beautiful.

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