October 23, 2011

Mansfield Park

I had the wonderful opportunity to discuss Jane Austen's novel Mansfield Park with some old and new friends 2 Fridays ago.  Although I had very little to add to the discussion as I had not finished the novel, I thoroughly enjoyed listening to others.

For some reason I did not have a regency style dress in my closet so I did not look as awesome as these two fair ladies:

But, no problem.  I brought food! And so did everyone else. We had a lovely feast to munch on while we discussed our novel.

Piccola made these for me to bring to the party!

Did I mention there was food? Yum!

Warm mulled cider. Double yum.

In case we forgot what book we were discussing...

In case we forgot who the author was...

A little Jane Austen tidbit.

Lovely decorations!

I think this is supposed to be the main character Fanny Price. Am I wrong? Anyone?

Next up? Crime & Punishment!!!!


  1. That, O Crab, is the author herself, looking more coquettish than in most portraits of her.

  2. Thanks, Timman. You know everything!