September 15, 2011

Life with Boys

Overheard as the boys were cleaning their room,

"Oh look!  I found my lucky Lego!"


  1. I smile and nod.... One. Lucky. Lego. Out of a billion. :)

    BTW, how long did it take them to clean their room, and is it now vacuum-able?? (er, did they get every eensy Lego up that otherwise only a vacuum can find, suck up, make horrible sounds with and then spit out??)

    Gotta love dem boys....

  2. Is the lego clumpy?

  3. My blog is just a series of inside jokes, isn't it?

  4. HSMom, my boys never seem to find all of the legos but the vacuum does! I used to care, but I don't any longer. I think Legos, like beer, are the cause of and solution to all of life's problems.