September 6, 2011

Goodbye, Canon Huberfeld

On Sunday we said farewell to our dear vicar, Canon Huberfeld.  He has been reassigned to the Institute's apostolate in Wausau, Wisconsin where they are presently mourning the loss of their dear Canon Fragelli!  Lots of pulling of hair and gnashing of teeth going on in the midwest!

But, as we know, the Salesian spirit runs deep through the heart of the Institute of Christ the King.  The faithful in Wisconsin will come to love Canon Huberfeld and those here in St. Louis who don't know Canon Avis will come to love him as well.  I already know him so I get to skip that learning curve!

"I think there is an English saying which talks about not letting the door hit
you on your way out. Or something like that."

I will miss you, Canon.

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