January 13, 2012

Oh Christmas Tree

Sometimes a person goes out of town and other people have keys to said person's house. And sometimes those people decorate that person's house with pictures of themselves.

Confused?  That's why I rarely write and post pictures instead.  I talk better through a lens.

Hey, I recognize this tree. But, it's different somehow.
Oh! It has lots of new angels!

Oh my! This angel doesn't look very pleased!

That's better. We must have practiced.
What could that be up there?

Hi-ya! Take that tambourines and guitars!

Taking chops out of liturgical music abuses!

Really, I'm an angel!


  1. Someone has WAAAAAAAYYYY too much time on her hands!

  2. I know. My other blog name is Mother Idle.

    Although, in my defense, creativity takes time!!