August 9, 2011

Six Flags

Six Flags offers free tickets for doing what we do best - reading books. Today I brought 3 of my kids there with Mrs. D and her kids to go on kiddie rides and to check out the latest tattoo fashions. We're hoping to get a family discount at the tattoo parlor up the street now.

When our day was over I took this sweet photo of the ferris wheel.

Notice I'm not IN the ferris wheel...

I have to be careful whom I tell things to because jokes like this appear in my in box:
Two blond girls were on their way to Six Flags. When they were almost there, they saw a sign that read: Six Flags Left. So they turned around and went home.



  1. Dear Crabby, I like this feature. Are you giving advice now in all comboxes?

    That's not my real question. Here it is:

    Dear Crabby,

    Hi. Why doesn't anyone tell me when they have shingles?

    Your friend.

  2. Dear Timman,

    I diagnosed her shingles with my pretend MD. It was only after her kids broke out in pox that it was confirmed. I need to make pretend money with this pretend MD.

    Is your family the ONLY family that hasn't gotten the pox?

    And, yes, it appears I'm giving advice in every combox. It's what I do best, don't you know.