October 20, 2010

I needed to hear this...

Emphasis mine.

"When we realize how special the gifts are that we intend to give to our children, we will not be surprised by the difficulty that we face in doing so. Parenting with the goals we have as parents, is exhausting work. Wouldn't it be easy to drop your kids off at a local school, go off to work with adults all day, pick them up after work, have a dinner together (maybe) then send them to their rooms to play video games, watch TV and finally fall asleep? Surely, the world's way is easier. What makes our way hard is that it is opposed by every evil thing around us. This is why we are offered eternal rewards by God for doing this work...because it is impossible. Only a man or woman who trusts in God's help would even dare to undertake the work. We have to learn to embrace the difficulty and realize that our salvation is in that difficulty."


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