October 27, 2010


I just love the Latin word gaudete.  Part of that stems from the fact that I'm somewhat of a nerd and part of it stems from the fact that I want more "gaudete" in my life and in others' lives.  Gaudete can mean joyful or anything that has the word "joy" in it.

Gaudete Sunday is the 3rd week of Advent where rose colored vestments are worn, anticipating the birth of Christ.  The rose colored vestments are also worn on the 4th Sunday of Lent which is called Laetare Sunday, anticipating the resurrection of Christ! 

But why stop there?  I want every day to be a gaudete day. Gaudete week?  Perfect.  Gaudete month? No problem.  I am on a quest to bring gaudete into my and my husband's life, my children's lives, and into the lives of my friends and family.  I see a lack of it everywhere, even in lives of those who SHOULD be joyful. That seems to be a pity, doesn't it?

Step 1:  Increase prayer life.  That's always a "duh" but I don't follow through the way I'd like.
Step 2:  Find examples of saints or regular joes who brought or bring people joy.
Step 3:  Implement said examples.  Yikes.  Have I mentioned I'm lazy?

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  1. My middle name is "Joy." I kid you not. :-)