April 26, 2011


I absolutely love Easter.

Unfortunately I did not bring my camera to the Easter Vigil but the shroud removal was exceptional
this year. St. Anthony gave J and Abbe a little trouble, but I figure if we don't have any
falling statues or candle fires, we're good.

Since I am better with photos than I am with words (or, as the formally inestimable Steve Martin said, "Some people have a way with words.  Other people, oh, not have way.") I will now present to you my Easter day.

Waiting anxiously for the Easter egg hunt to begin.
The tension was palpable.

Oh!  A scale!
Should we see how our Lenten fasts went?

The sure face of victory.

I made the lamb cake.
For future reference, if you ever eat one of my lamb cakes beware
of the deadly toothpicks found in the ears.
I believe that is good beforehand knowledge.

I see an egg!

It's not a tumor!

The effort to find Easter eggs was quite lacking.

Well, she was trying, anyway.

The most appropriate response to Mickey's that I have ever seen.

Now if someone would just post on veiling my week would be complete!


  1. great pictures! how lucky are you to have had such wonderful people over on such a wonderful day. we enjoy your blog.

  2. I'm glad you enjoy the blog! I was actually lucky to be invited to a home where such wonderful people were. All of the fun. None of the stress.